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The Third Industrial Revolution

Jeremy Rifkin, American economic and social theorist, author of several books, business school professor, and policy adviser to world leaders and CEOs, wrote ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ in 2011. The book, and a subsequent video lecture filmed by VICE media (and promoted by the P2P Foundation), tells the story of a world gone wrong, of the First (1800’s) and Second (1900’s) versions of ‘the Industrial Revolution’, and how we will never survive the Anthropocene era if we continue down those paths.

Rifkin notes that, like all revolutions, what started in Britain and spread worldwide, began with improved communications followed closely by advances in power (generation) and increasing mobility. The 1800's had the printing press and the telegraph, mechanical looms, and the steam engine powered by coal. That era gave way to the ‘modern’ capitalistic world with the telephone, radio, and television powered by hydro and nuclear electricity while we moved around in automobiles and airplanes powered with fossil fuels.

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Great Lakes: Shared Water, Shared Responsibility

The International Joint Commission has been promising an updated version of the 1972 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. In September 2012, media reported that a new, improved, Agreement was at hand. Here is some background on that Agreement and why it is important.

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Is Canada ready for the Smart Grid?

The rollout of 'smart meters' has begun in select provinces such as B.C. and Ontario. Utility companies in other regions lag far behind. Aging infrastructure and pressures from renewable energy projects are just two challenges for the country to meet its targets of a digital, self-healing system by the end of 2011.

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