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Lawson Hunter has written for dozens of publications over the past 30 years. His byline has appeared in national, regional and local newspapers and magazines. Lawson has the ability to break down technical concepts and jargon to make it easier for the average reader to understand. His interviews with CEO's, corporate executives and government officials reveal the story behind the spin. His research goes beyond the sound-bite headline news and provides context to every facet. Below are just a few examples of journalistic body of work written by Lawson Hunter.

  1. Eco-Economics (the Accidental Economist) (for samples click here)
  2. Freelance magazine and journal articles (for samples click here)
  3. Research on business and sustainability topics
  4. White papers, ghostwriting, corporate writing, annual reports and business plans
    (for samples click here)
  5. 'Permission Granted' - a book empowering citizens on sustainability
  6. Fiction - unfinished novel in the bottom drawer that beckons

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