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Permission Granted
empowering citizens to recognize and act on sustainable options in their everyday lives

'Permission Granted' is a book in progress examining pivotal ecological activities and our place within that system. The title comes from a discussion many years ago with environmentalists Pat and Chuck Potter who wanted to inspire others to 'do good deeds' and make the planet a more sustainable home for all species - 'granting permission' to others to become more involved with protecting and preserving the environment.

This book is divided into two essential sections - Business/Economics/Manufactured Capital - and, Social/Natural Capital - the book presents several 'points of intersection' under each of these sections. Humans are multi-dimensional. Each being is unique. Every one of us have specific skills, experiences and opportunities. To limit our environmental activities to an individual act or endeavour is to deny our natural tendency to engage in the complex, yet undeniable, interconnectedness of the natural world.

Nature does not act on a single front, or in a straight line. Why should we? Each of us stands at a unique set of crossroads, mixing work, pleasure, family, friends, enemies, experiences and regrets. We need to attack the challenges we face from our specific position of strength and use the combination of resources available to us - at hand - right now.

The first step is to understand how our world, manufactured and natural, operates. What processes are in place? How did we get here? What keeps the world turning? What do we mean by 'growth'? Then we must understand what opportunities are available to us. What role can we play? How can we influence others or improve exisiting processes? And then begin our new voyage with confidence that others are following similar paths. Enjoy the journey - permission granted.

  1. Stock and Flow, Throughput, Open vs. Closed System
  2. Pushing the Corporation - shareholder activism, corporate social responsibility
  3. Innovation vs. Invention
  4. Entropy & Thermodynamics - yields, thresholds, diminishing returns
  5. Systems Thinking
  6. Value Systems - Genuine Progress Indicators, Happiness Index
  7. Liveable Cities - urban, suburban, rural
  8. Food for Thought - agriculture, food, sustenance
  9. Back to the Garden - biodiversity, biomimicry, restoration, remediation
  10. Active Ingredients - waste, recycling, elegant design, cradle to cradle

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