Lawson Hunter Communications
Burlington Now
  1. Publicity for Ontario launch of Cogeco Cable Internet services
  2. Developed Standard Operating PR Procedures for Canadian pharmaceutical company
    Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada)
  3. Public Relations and Investor Relations for Advanced Manufacturing IT start-up
  4. Taught second-year Advertising students PR skills and tactics (Sheridan College)
  5. Developed PR strategy for e-commerce ERP Integration company (e-Bridge Connections)
  6. Writing corporate communications, marketing materials and Annual Reports
  7. Host/Producer of television and radio programs
  8. Executive Director for Jamesville (Hamilton) Business Improvement Area (100 merchants)
  9. Founding President of Hamilton Fringe Festival
  10. Member of numerous community volunteer Boards of Directors
  11. Podcast Producer - EarthMatters, Burlington Now

Lawson Hunter Communications