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When movies and TV shows want to depict a futuristic setting, they often show flashy transit systems: monorails, voice-activated personal-transit pods, maglev people movers.  Like robot maids and space hotels, these sleek, pollution-free, hands-off transit alternatives seem to have a hard time escaping from their celluloid home.  In reality, the automobile – and the infrastructure that supports it – continues to warp the face of our cities and the structure of our lives.

It may be hard to imagine a city liberated from the automobile, but a lot of people are working toward just that goal, introduction new concepts in urban design and mass transit, and using information technologies to push shared transportation beyond the office carpool.  Others seek to civilize the automobile, making it a responsible resident of the city rather than the city’s master.


Source: ‘World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century’, Abrams, New York (2005), Edited by Alex Steffen.


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